How to Save a Life

Today we went to the water park again. Last time we got rained out, so we got in free today….thanks to Christy and Jen who work there, for spending their day off with us! Kendall joined us a bit late….where were you, Kendall?

I actually went down some of the slides. I am really getting too old for that stuff. If you are going, I recommend the yellow tube slide. Its crazy fast.

It was beastly hot. I actually went home with heat exhastion and puked. Nice day but feeling the effects of it. I’ve always had issues with heat. Actually I just have issues.

Steven, a guy who goes to transit when he is home from college is a life guard there. We were eating lunch with him and he causually said that he had to rescue a kid from the wave pool a few minutes earlier. I was very impressed and told him I would blog about him today. Yay for the hero of the day Steven! 🙂

One Response to How to Save a Life

  1. Sandy says:

    I have to chuckle a little about the kid being saved from the wave pool. Erin and I spent lots of time in the wave pool before Julianne was born. Interestingly, the same kids would get “saved” from the wave pool time and time again. There were times when management would eventually be called to tell the kid to just STAY OUT OF THE WAVE POOL! Anyway…..just thought I would share.

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