Thanks Abba

July 31, 2007

So I was checking out my friends myspace today. A friend that went to my church in high school and then we went to the same college. She posted a bulletin so I thought I would say hey on her space. She had a song on her page. Rita Springer’s “worth it all.” I’ve heard the song before and so I was trying to navigate to another page. Well, my computer froze and wouldn’t let me change pages until the song was over. I think my abba (daddy) father was trying to wrap his arms of love around me today. He is so good. He knows my love for music and used a song to speak.

I really don’t know the “hows” of this whole situation. I don’t know the answers to the “what ifs.” And quite frankly these thoughts consume me. But I believe that its going to be worth it all. In fact, if I were to write the song over, I would add a line that says it IS worth it all. Jesus is worth it for me. I just want to serve him, no matter where it is. That has, and never will change.


July 31, 2007

I am always on the hunt for some good quick family recipes. The things I cook get old after the millionth time you’ve made them. Sometimes I go to the store and buy a cart full of groceries with a list and a plan. Then when I open the fridge I feel like there is nothing to fix. If you have given me recipes…thanks. Does anybody want to share their FAVORITE thing to make and eat at home? I figure if I get everyone to do this, I will have a plethora of new things to try. You can email me or write them on here for all to read. My parents were pastors and at one of their churches they did a church cookbook. It was a hit! Maybe if I get enough of them I will make a Blog cookbook.

Specifically, I’m on the hunt for the breakfast casserole used at board/staff retreat and other church functions. Yeah, I can go to but its hard to know which one is the right one. ya know?

The Devil and the Nursery

July 30, 2007

I’ve decided that the devil is at work in church nurseries….

My doctor asked me if my kids go to daycare. He was trying to figure out where they would have gotten croup. My kids are rarely with other kids other than at church.

So I believe that there is a demonic force in the church nursery that magnifies any virus or germ brought in. This force tries to get all the kids sick so that the parents have to stay home from church. Ok, this might be a bit exagerated but it could be true, right?

What we need is some Lysol Angels to come and disenfect the place!

July 30, 2007

“There’s no party like my Nana’s tea party….hey…ho”

-Ryhmnosaurous & Hiphopoptomas

Cnn & Youtube

July 30, 2007

images-12.jpgimages2.jpgLast night Nate and I watched the Democratic “debate” hosted by CNN and Youtube. Usually these things bore me to tears. But this was very interesting. People submitted questions via Youtube and the candidates were supposed to answer. It was here in Charleston which was an added interest. There were humorous questions and serious ones.

I’ve never voted Democrat. I think I’ve always been lead to believe something to the effect of you cant be a christian and vote Democrat. BUT I can say that I liked some of the people. John Edwards was very honest (as honest as a politician can be) with his answers, especially on gay marriage and his belief in God. Barack Obama is just a likable guy. He had some strong answers as well as Hillary…yes I said Hillary. Nate and I thought that Joe Biden stood out as a very strong man. He was kindof a tough guy with tough answers. The kind of guy you want to lead…not wimpy. If he doesn’t win Nate believes he should play the next president on “24.”

I’m looking forward to the Republican “debate” on September 17.

Sunday Afternoon Nap

July 30, 2007

I’ve blogged once today but I feel as if I need to make up for not posting for a week. What can I say, I’m might be an addict.

I had the day off today. My kids are barking like seals (the sound of a croup cough) and pretty crabby. But they were tired so we all took a sunday afternoon nap. I love these. There is nothing like it. I’ve taken one since I was a kid, in college and try to take one if I’m not working. I really needed the sleep due to the nights up with the kids and working till 1 AM. (that is another post, like why would someone come to starbucks and get a frappuccino at 12:15 AM?)

Anyway, I enjoyed my nap. I’m home from church because of the sick kids and I’ll probably be up all night now. But man was it worth it.

Anyone else like Sunday afternoon naps?


July 29, 2007

Its been a while since I posted. I’ve been so busy working…which is a plus and a minus all at the same time. Here’s whats some positive things that have been happening:

-Nate’s BFF spent the week here. It’s always fun to be around Jesse. Nate and Jesse were roommates in college and were best men in each other’s weddings. Jesse and his wife live in the Northland of KC. They just accepted a position as senior high pastors in Arizona. We are happy for him but so sad they are leaving KC. Jesse brought along one of his youth. Bradworth is a sophomore at Park Hill. It was good to meet him and have a new friend in KC.
-I got promoted to “shift supervisor” at Starbucks. Its a tiny raise and more responsibility. I was one pre-kids so I know the ropes. I’m ready to start bossing people around. 😉

Some things to pray for:

-Both of my babies have croup. Abbey, in addition, has an ear infection. They’ve spent the past few nights not sleeping due to having a hard time breathing. They are on steroids and antibiotics (both of which I am leery about). But I have to trust the doc right?
-Nate’s crown on his tooth came off the other night. We have no dental insurance and he is in pain. Its going to cost a bunch of money. Not sure where it will come from.
-Our house needs to sell. soon.
-We haven’t raise near the funds we need to take on this venture. I am SO thankful for the people who have committed to us. Its a blessing. Yet I don’t know what or how we are going to do this come September. I’ve been working so much (thankfully) but I do it out of necessity. I miss the time away from my kids but when I get home I’m exhausted. I feel this intense pressure because in a month we will be in big trouble. Is it wrong of me to question whether this was the right move for us to make? Is it wrong that part of me wants to turn back the hands of time and make a different decision?

We need a miracle. I’m praying for a miracle.