Crocs Part 3

June 29, 2007

I’m sorry to say that I have not been enjoying the crocs as I thought I would. I have worked 6 days this week and after about an hour, my feet are screaming. It makes work not so enjoyable. Its the stinking arches. People have said that their crocs are oh so comfortable. They say its like walking on marshmallows. While that is true for about 20 minutes, I think I need more support. So, I took them back. I just don’t see myself wearing them and I’m not into wasting 30 bucks on a pair of shoes made for boating.

Well, back to the drawing board. A couple of people at work wear these equally hideously looking shoes called Dansko’s. They are 100 bucks. I might try them if the store will allow me to return them if they hurt my feet.

The saga continues.

mmmm, steak

June 28, 2007

I really like this guy. He is a pastor of a church plant that has grown to like 2000 in 2 years….with a lot of them being young adults. Very cool. I really loved this blog of his so I decided to copy it down. Love the mental picture. I want our church plant to have this same sizzle! Read on to see what I mean. images-13.jpg

Be Ruth’s Chris, not Golden Corral.

Ruth’s Chris serves the best steaks in town, for my money. I prefer the filet w/ extra butter, served on a sizzling plate capable of burning your hand to the bone.
Of course, they serve other things, but what are they known for? Steaks. Good steaks. Some of the best steaks. Expensive steaks.
I go there when I want to eat a great steak with my wife in a perfectly engineered environment. And when I want to drop some serious coin.

I must admit, Golden Corral is another one of my favorite restaurants. Quite the contrast, I know.
I go to Golden Corral when I want a little bit of everything. None of it is particularly great, but you can eat almost anything you want. And you can eat as much as you want.

Most churches are more like Golden Corral than Ruth’s Chris, don’t you think?
A little bit of everything. A program for everybody. Every night of the week. All you can eat. None of it is very excellent, but boy, the menu (church calendar) is robust!

Elevation’s philosophy:
Don’t try to do a little bit of everything.
Give everything you’ve got to a few things.
Make the best steaks in town. Steaks so good that people wouldn’t dream of haggling about the price, or suggesting that they should be allowed to go back for free seconds.

Develop a worship service so impactful with music so powerful and preaching so anointed and creativity so inspiring and greeters so helpful that people will come from miles around. Make it sizzle.
Focus like a laser on reaching people far from God through preaching the Gospel and enabling Christ centered worship.
And send the buffet Christians to the restaurant down the road.

If you have ever been to Ruth’s Chris’s…thank the Lord Almight that I have….you know exactly what Steven is talking about. Its about being the best and some things not being mediocre at a bunch of things.

By the way, if you ever want to dine at Ruth’s Chris, Nate and I would love to join you….your treat! 🙂

Things your kids teach you

June 28, 2007

Its just like your child to make you realize things have gone downhill very quickly. You see, as I have stated before, I work at starbucks. I get up at 3:30 a.m., pull my hair up, put on my glasses and stumble out the door. I come home and parent my children. I go to bed and wake up…and do the same thing again. My daily wordrobe consists of either black coffee smelling starbucks attire…or sleep pants. I mean, isn’t life just more fun in a pair of comfy sleep pants and a comfy shirt? I think so. If Oprah were to come to my house, to take me away on a lavish vacation or something, (yeah, its pretty much my dream) I would be one of those women that look like they just woke up when they open the door.

Yesturday, we had Transit and so during the kids naps I got ready for church. When Ethan woke up he said…”mommy, where are we going? you have clothes on…and you brushed your hair.” Wow, I really think I have slipped into mom mode when my child notices when I brush my hair.


June 25, 2007

Yesterday, we announced that we are leaving Faith Assembly of God to pursue a dream that God gave us years ago in Bible College. We will be going with a team of people to plant a reproducing church in Kansas City, MO where Nate was born and raised. We went through a rigorous church planting assessment process and they determined we were mentally, emotionally, and capably fit to plant a church. (I was actually praying they would say we sucked…cause it would be so much easier!)

I really believe its hard to determine Gods’ exact will for our lives. I have been going round and round with Him lately. Asking to show us a burning bush-type sign that we are doing the right thing. Because to be perfectly honest….this is a huge huge stretch for us. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to leave a great church, a consistent salary, a dream home, the beach, a ministry that we worked hard to build, a denomination that we believe in, did i say consistent salary??? Why? I didn’t get an email from Him. He didn’t text me. There was no snail mail. What He did, was put a dream in our hearts, and then provided an opportunity. But why does it have to be so hard? Why can’t there be someone who says…”Nate and Jill, we want to pay your salary until your church gets off the ground.” You see, I have these fears…real fears that we move there and my job at starbucks doesn’t pay the bills and that we have to live with Nates mom (Lord help me!) and that Nate has to get a minimum wage job because all he’s ever done was be a pastor and that we have to work opposite shifts in order to take care of the kids and we don’t ever see each-other and our marriage goes down the tubes and we don’t have time to do the ministry that we moved there in the first place for…..Yeah, my fears are real and audacious. Why?

…Last night I was having a serious conversation with God. Pretty much telling Him that I was scared to death of this life changing move. I told Him that I needed a burning bush-type sign. No burning bush appeared. I then read a devotional about Peter and how when he stepped out of the boat he was fine…until He took his eyes off Jesus. He noticed the wind and the waves. He got worried about them. His fears were real and became audacious. I was then talking to my mom and she told me of the same passage of scripture. She told me when nothing seems to make sense (like walking on water or having no salary), keeping my eyes focused on Him is what I need to do. Even when I doubt Him, I need to look at His character. He loves, He cares, He provides, He protects, He saves, He rescues. It was no burning bush…but it was the spark I needed for today.

Why? Well because there are people in Kansas City that need to know this God. The one who loves, cares, provides, protects, saves and rescues. These people need to know Him. To be restored. And so I am counting the cost. Stepping out of the boat. To help the restoration begin.

Please pray for our family. Pray specifically that we sell our house at the right time. Pray that we raise the funds needed for this adventure. Pray that the people of Kansas City will find their way back to God. Pray that my eyes remained focused on Him!


June 22, 2007

I saw this quote and I can’t really get it out of my head today.

The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be may be the painful decision you refuse to make.”

I really want to be where God wants me to be. I want to be willing to make those tough decisions to get me there. Whatever the cost.

Anybody else ready to let go of your fears and let God take you where He wants you to go/wants you to be?

Crocs Part 2

June 21, 2007

So I’ve worn the crocs 3 days at work. They aren’t bad. At first my feet were killing me and I was very disappointed in them. But today they weren’t so bad. I think they have to mold to your feet. The only problem with them is the holes. I spill coffee and milk on my feet a lot (its a messy job). And the liquid goes right to my socks ( i have to wear socks, its some sort of health code).

I think they might get better as I wear them more. My poor arches just have issues!! My feet look like the third pic!


The Perfect Wait

June 21, 2007

Last night at Transit Nate talked about the perfect wait. We think God should give us certain things and don’t understand why He doesn’t. Its like when my son thinks he should have ice cream for every meal. Sure, that would be yummy, but not healthy for him. So I have to say no. Ethan might say to himself…mom, don’t you love me? if you loved me you would let me have it. But because I love him more than anything in the world, I have to say no, to keep him healthy. I know what is best for him. I also know that I will let him have ice cream on occasion. I am learning that God is like that. He knows what we need when we need it. And it usually isn’t what WE think we need.

Worship was great last night. People really entered in and God’s presence was awesome. I think a lot of us are struggling with the idea of being disappointed by the things we think we should be getting from God. But ending the night in worship put our focus on Him. Telling Him how much we needed Him, how committed we are too Him, and how awesome He really is!

Sara Groves has a song that says:

“I keep wanting you to be fair
But that’s not what you said
I want certain answers to these prayers
But that’s not what you said
What I thought I wanted and what I got instead
Leaves me broken and grateful.”

I want to be broken, grateful, and peaceful. I want to rest in Him, that he has everything under control. How about you?