July 20, 2010

We saw inception last night.

It was great.

I liked it because it was creative. It was original. It was masterful.

I get irritated when everything is a remake of something else. I say that, although I am not a creatve person and more of a copier myself. But say, when starbucks comes out with a drink…and then every other chain then comes out with their version…drives me bonkers. I feel that way about most things. When a product of some sort is created and does well and then every where you turn there is a carbon copy of that same prodcut, just makes me cringe. Because I want the other companies to use their noggins and create something of their own.

So that is why I liked it. My brain had to concentrate the whole movie. I had to pay attention. To think. It was visually something I hadn’t scene before. They took a fight scene and made them fighting while floating withough gravity. It was original.

I also left a bit confused. Which is good. Didn’t wrap it up with a bow. It left me thinking about it, I dare say dreaming about it, and waking up pondering it.

Because I am not what I call a creative…Someone who can create something from nothing…I marvel at it. I am in awe by people who create music. art. buidings. clothing. It amazes me. So when I see something that was original, not copied, from someones brain, I want to stand up and applaud. Because it is spectacular to me that people can do that!

So to those who created inception, thank you. It was a work of creative, confusing, art. I applaud you.


June 30, 2010

I remember a time when summer would begin. And I would sleep in till 10. I’d maybe go swimming at my friends pool. I’d come home after hours of swimming and take a nap. After dinner, I’d play a rousing game of neighborhood hide n seek or sardines in a can with my friends until it got dark. I’d watch some shows on tv…. a little star trek the next generation. I’d go up to my room and turn on the radio…no such thing as ipods or mp3s….and listen to the open house party radio show. Then I’d start the process over again the next day.

Those were awesome times. I remember thinking how bored I was. Crazy to think now. What I wouldn’t give to not have a care in the world.

Fast forward to today. Summertime is just like any other season of the year. Only its hot. Life is still busy. Work still continues. Kids still need fed. Laundry still needs done. Bills still need paid. Church still needs planted.

But there is a light in the busyness of life tunnel. That is a vacation. And ours is coming up in a few days. I can not wait. I hope to not speak of work. I hope to not speak of bills. I hope to not speak of what we have to do in order for x y and z to happen. I hope to decompress from all that has been in 2010 and have a bunch of ¬†summertime fun. Hang with family and friends. And relax. And recreate my summatimes back in the day! ūüôā

So what were your summers like back in the day?

Thank You!

June 15, 2010

We could not do this without you! Thank you for contributing to something that will last for eternity. Helpling people find their way back to God.

Here is a sample of people who give of their time and talents to Restore.


June 9, 2010

I’m 33 years old. (My brain feels 23 still.) ¬†I’ve made a decision at 33 that I don’t think I will ever be tan again. Most summers I have to start with a good burn and then I get a really great tan. I’ve had some terrible burns as a teenager. At times, I have used a tanning bed. ¬†I have blue eyes. I have lots and lots of freckles and the like. I’ve had a few pre-cancerous moles removed. I’m a prime canidate for skin cancer. Its sad. I look at all the bronzed ladies out there and want to sun bathe to get my dark 1/8th cherokee indian tan.

But I’ve decided I will not. I will be white. I will use spf 3o or more everytime I’m out in the sun. I will forgo the fact that I know I look better tan, to save my skin from more wrinkles and maybe even the chance of skin cancer.

This is a commitment I am making to myself. I’m writing it down in order to remind myself, incase I’m tempted to do otherwise.


June 8, 2010

Heard this today and I am meditating on it.

Between the Promise(of God) and the Payoff(reward) there is a Process and that is….the Point (of it all).

Wow. Read it again. Let it take root. Are you waiting on God for His promise to be fufilled in your life? In the waiting, there is a process. And that process is the point.

Whats the song?

June 1, 2010

One of my new years resolutions was to get healthy. Eat better and exercise. And I  am proud to say that I have been pretty consistent with those things. The results are not as quick as I had imagined them to be but there are results none the less.

It is no secret that I think exercise is awful. I do not enjoy it one bit. But I have tried to maintain some sort of workout 4-5 times a week since January. Lately it’s been barely 3 times a week. I’ve hit a plateau and lost my drive. The only thing that keeps me going during a workout is music. I have to have some upbeat fun songs to energize me.

I’ve found when I have about 5 minutes left on the elliptical or treadmill, I want to quit. But if a good song comes on the ipod, I’ll keep going. But I need more songs, because I’m finding that my go to songs are not getting me through. I need your help! What is your song? What is your favorite gotta keep going, last five minutes, motivational song?

My Mug

May 25, 2010

This is my favorite mug. I have had this mug for 8 years. Coffee tastes better in this mug than any other mug I have. It represents the best city on the planet. I even have miniature version of this mug that I hang on my christmas tree. I acquired this mug my first year working for Starbucks. Yes, that’s right. I have worked for Starbucks for 8 years. That is either ¬†really sad or a great accomplishment. The jury is still out on that one.

I actually got this mug for free. Someone returned it because it had a flaw. There was a tiny crack on the handle. So I took it home. A free mug with a tiny crack is still a free mug. I have enjoyed thousands of cups of coffee in this mug. contemplated life with every caffeinated sip. You see, just like this cup, I am flawed but can still be used.

I was devastated when I opened up my dishwasher last week and saw that after 8 glorious years my mug had given up. It had been so strong. A survivor. But it finally let go. This mug parallels my life in many ways…well and Jacks too but lets focus on me….When it broke I had to ask myself if it was time for me to let go too. I’m still contemplating that decision but the mug is helping me push toward that decision. Thanks Starbucks chicago mug, I’ve loved you.

Oh, and I don’t think they make these mugs anymore because they have changed the design that is not as cool. IMO. So sad.